Romeo 2.9.1 : bugfix release

June 17, 2011 on 2:21 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

A new version of Roméo has been released. This mostly fixes several bugs in the GUI.

Download this new version in the download section

08/09/2011: Updated the Mac OS X version to fix a miscompilation of the UPPAAL DBM Lib producing incorrect results

Update (28/06/2011) MS Windows binaries available.

Here comes Roméo 2.9.0

March 8, 2010 on 3:29 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

A new release of Roméo is available! The highlights of this version are:

  • An unfolder for safe parametric time Petri nets, with support for guiding observations,
  • Support for tabs in the GUI

It also features many bugfixes. Download this new version in the download section (Windows version now available!)

Release of Roméo v2.8.0

October 13, 2008 on 2:12 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

A new version of Roméo has arrived!

The highlights of version 2.8.0 are:
- Support for time inhibitor arcs to handle stopwatches;
- The introduction of parameters in the model;
- A revamped TCTL model-checker, working for time Petri nets and stopwatch Petri nets possibly with parameters (in which case the result is a set of constraints on the parameters such that the property is true).

And hopefully, a fair amount of bug fixes.

You can find sources and a few binaries in the download section.

Edit (10/13/08): It seems that a few bugs are still hanging around. Fixed versions will be available by tomorrow along with the Windows binaries.
Edit (10/14/08): The bugs spotted at the last minute were swiftly eradicated, you can now proceed to the download section.
Edit (11/26/08): There was a bug when launching the simulator on some Mac OS X configurations. It has been fixed and the Mac OS X binary has been updated.

Release of Roméo v2.7.2

January 29, 2008 on 6:06 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

During the last months, we have promised a new version of Roméo would be released soon. This day has finally come and we are very proud to present you Roméo v2.7.2! This release contains major new features. Among them, a TCTL-model checker for Stopwatch Petri nets (the model implemented in Roméo is the so-called Scheduling Time Petri Nets). We have also integrated logical inhibitor arcs in our models, which makes it much easier to model systems with exclusion between tasks. We have taken benefits from the feedback of our user community and thus many bugs have been fixed. We hope you will enjoy this brand new Roméo experience.

Edit: We recently fixed some bugs. You can now download the latest v2.7.2 version of Roméo in the download section.

Release of Roméo v2.6.3

May 29, 2006 on 9:12 pm | In Releases | 5 Comments

A small annoying bug was still in TCTL model-checker in version 2.6.1. It has been fixed as soon as it has been discovered.
Meanwhile, the GUI has been updated: places, transitions and edges can be drawn with different colors in order to improve the clarity of your Petri nets.

Roméo v2.6.3 is available in the download section (Roméo v2.6.2 was just a development version).

Release of Roméo v2.6.1

October 17, 2005 on 10:46 pm | In Releases | 1 Comment

Since the previous release of Roméo, a few bugs have been fixed and some improvements have been implemented, e.g.:

  • the zone based method now performs well when dealing with flush arcs;
  • traces given by the TCTL model-checker have been completed.

Roméo v2.6.1 is available in the download section.

New Roméo website

October 8, 2005 on 2:00 am | In General information | 2 Comments

The new Roméo website is now on-line! It was previously hosted on IRCCyN webpages. Roméo now owns its proper subdomain:
All the future developments and releases of Roméo will now be reported at this new URI. Please update your bookmarks!

A major new feature in v2.6: an on-the-fly TCTL model checker for Time Petri Nets

April 25, 2005 on 5:16 pm | In Releases | 4 Comments

Recent efforts focused on the conception of an on-the-fly TCTL model checker for Time Petri Nets. It has recently been implemented in the Mercutio computation module.

To our knowledge, Roméo is the first TPN-analysis tool that implements TCTL model-checking.

Roméo v2.6.0 is available in the download section.

A graphical simulator in Roméo v2.5.0

January 12, 2005 on 3:16 pm | In Releases | 2 Comments

A major new feature has been implemented in the new version of Roméo : a TPN and Scheduling-TPN graphical Simulator

And this is not the only new feature of this version! Indeed Roméo now deals with an optimized computation of the state class graph of scheduling-TPN (computation is based on a mix of polyhedral and DBM manipulation) and with the computation of a LTL graph thanks to the Zone-based method (Mercutio).

Roméo also benefits from an upgrade of the GUI (control panel, localization, …).

Roméo v2.5.0 is available in the download section.

Release of Roméo 2.4.5

October 6, 2004 on 2:14 pm | In Releases | 2 Comments

New release: a bug in the computation of state class graph for Scheduling-TPN (when LFT is infinity) has been fixed.
Roméo v2.4.5 is available in the download section.

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