Roméo 3.4.0

December 18, 2017 on 2:34 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

This release introduces discrete controller synthesis capabilities, with extended attributes for uncontrollable transitions (ineluctable, delayable).

It also fixes copy and paste from one tab to another in the GUI as well as problems with empty identifiers for places or transitions.

This new version can be downloaded at the downloads page.

Roméo 3.3.3

September 27, 2017 on 12:11 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

This version brings a few bugfixes:

- a bug when double clicking on transition features such as label, guard, update and cost
- some special XML characters were not handled properly
- some bufixes for references on structured types
- lots of memory usage improvements
- some parser performance improvements with huge files

Roméo 3.3.2

June 20, 2017 on 4:03 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

A new release of Roméo is out which fixes the following:
- typedefs can now occur outside the initialisation and function code
- special XML character from code should be properly handled

It also adds a marking / variables condition enabling stopwatch arcs for easier modelling of schedulers for instance.

Roméo 3.3.1

May 16, 2017 on 1:28 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

This release fixes some potential segfaults when using the split method for costs.
It also uses again normal computations when no cost is specified.

It also introduces syntax highlighting and experimental support for const and typedef in the data sections.

Get it in the Downloads section.

Roméo v3.3.0

May 9, 2017 on 2:10 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

Roméo 3.3 is a new major version introducing experimental support for cost minimisation.

Transitions can be annotated with a discrete cost paid each time a transition fired. A global cost rate, depending on the marking, also gives the rate at which cost increases each time unit.

A new query has been introduced, called mincost, that computes the minimum cost (and a trace) to reach some marking.

Get this new version in the Downloads section.

Update (2017-05-12): added macos binary distribution.

Roméo v3.2.8

April 28, 2017 on 5:37 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

Roméo v3.2.8 is another bugfixing version.

In particular, it fixes a possible segmentation fault regression when checking a property.

It is available in the Downloads section.

Roméo v3.2.7

March 31, 2017 on 5:59 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

This is a bugfix version including
- the measure of the memory used with Mac OS X
- the parsing of U properties in the GUI
- a bug when trying to create read, inhibitor or reset arcs by clicking the transition first

As usual this version is available in the Downloads section.

Roméo v3.2.6

January 8, 2017 on 3:12 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

This version brings a few small bugfixes to:
- a parsing problem with operator –>
- overflow and strictness issues in DBM coefficients

2017-01-10: version 3.2.6b further fixes space character handling in pathnames, weight selection in place to transition arcs, and a minor regression in the definition of DBM coefficients.

Get it in the downloads section.

Roméo v3.2.5

November 28, 2016 on 5:21 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

A new release of Roméo is available.

The main changes are :

  • we changed the identifiers of places from integers to strings. These identifiers are still used in the M() operator for properties but as a result, properties should be more readable
  • the verification process can now output a timed trace
  • the colors of transitions during simulation can be changed in the preferences
  • traces can be directly sent to simulation from the verification window
  • sequences of transitions can be directly given as strings in the simulation window

This version can be obtained from the downloads section.

Roméo v3.2.4

June 21, 2016 on 9:43 am | In Releases | Comments Off

We have released a new version of Roméo. This version just adds a switch to control a parameter-related optimization in the verification window.

You can get it in the Downloads section.

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