Roméo 3.7.0

February 11, 2020 on 6:26 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

A new release of Roméo is available.

It introduces a new parametric infimum cost property that outputs, for parametric cost time Petri nets, the infimum cost to reach some marking (over all runs and parameter values) together with the set of parameters that allow this infimum cost to be realised.

Get this release on the Roméo downloads page.

Roméo 3.6.1

November 5, 2019 on 6:31 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

Version 3.6.1 is out. This is a simple bugfix release fixing in particular a regression in the display of strategies for control.

Download it at the Downloads page.

Roméo 3.6.0

April 2, 2019 on 3:40 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

This feature introduces parametric timed control.

A sample scheduling example using that feature is available here

Get v3.6.0 on the Downloads page.

Roméo 3.5.0

February 8, 2019 on 2:12 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

This new release of Roméo brings:
- parameter synthesis for cost-bounded reachability
- safety control for untimed nets
- a few bugfixes and memory handling improvements

Get it the downloads section.

Roméo 3.4.3

November 20, 2018 on 5:44 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

Another bugfix release:
- optimise memory allocation
- fix a parser bug with increment / decrement instructions
- fix an issue with arrays memory representation

Get this new version on the downloads page.

Roméo 3.4.2

November 15, 2018 on 6:19 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

Another minor bugfix dealing with a rare crash when printing traces.

Download it on the Downloads page.

Roméo 3.4.1

October 11, 2018 on 2:16 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

This minor release fixes a few bugs with the handling of references for discrete variables.

Get it in the downloads section.

Roméo 3.4.0

December 18, 2017 on 2:34 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

This release introduces discrete controller synthesis capabilities, with extended attributes for uncontrollable transitions (ineluctable, delayable).

It also fixes copy and paste from one tab to another in the GUI as well as problems with empty identifiers for places or transitions.

This new version can be downloaded at the downloads page.

Roméo 3.3.3

September 27, 2017 on 12:11 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

This version brings a few bugfixes:

- a bug when double clicking on transition features such as label, guard, update and cost
- some special XML characters were not handled properly
- some bufixes for references on structured types
- lots of memory usage improvements
- some parser performance improvements with huge files

Roméo 3.3.2

June 20, 2017 on 4:03 pm | In Releases | Comments Off

A new release of Roméo is out which fixes the following:
- typedefs can now occur outside the initialisation and function code
- special XML character from code should be properly handled

It also adds a marking / variables condition enabling stopwatch arcs for easier modelling of schedulers for instance.

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